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Aug '12

Bye Debby Hello Isaac

It is just about two months since our last deluge of rain and soaked roadways caused by the tropical storm Debby.  It was the first time I would see water in my street and the entrance flooded.  Fortunately,  there was no damage to anyone’s home but just the inconvenience itself was draining.   I stayed two days at my son’s home that was not effected by the storm but this time around, the impending storm/hurricane Isaac may cause bigger problems because of our already saturated roads.  Some areas are still having drainage problems and for that reason alone we will probably have to leave or just stay put.  Joe is on standby to pick me up on Sunday for when?   My overnight bag is ready and so are my goodies in a tote along with my reading materials.

I am thinking I will pretend it is a mini–vacation with the hope that Isaac will come and go quickly and not leave any damage anywhere!

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