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Jun '09

Brand New Week

Started my Monday off with a cup of yogurt and fresh blueberries and grape juice and left to do my Pilate’s class.  I packed my car with Michelle’s yummy cake, brownies and her gift earlier,  so that I would be on time for the class.  One of the staff opened the door for me, as my arms were full with my mat and the goodies as she commented on the fragrant odors of fresh baked cake.  Michelle was so surprised and happy and  said she could hardly  wait to take the goodies home to share with her family.  I know the children will be devouring the brownies.

After my workout, I had lunch with Valerie at the next door restaurant with out door seating and umbrellas to shade us from the hot sun.  They offer the best sandwiches and salads – I opted for the chicken salad on pumpernickel bread accompanied  by a side of fresh fruit and a tall glass of ice cold lemonade……Yummy!! Valerie just happens to work at Starbucks and does the early shift of 5:30 -10:30.  She is a vibrant, happy, interesting person and we seem to gel.   Being she is my son’s age, I tease her by telling her just call me Mom.

Back home to do some household chores and plan for tomorrow….Yoga and stretch are on the schedule..

Bye for now.

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