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Oct '09

Brain Overload

Is it possible to overload our brains or is the excess use a form of healthy exercise?  My keyboard piano lessons are a challenge trying to remember finger placement, chords and notes.  My right hand does wonders,  while the left is far behind but I am playing a few lines with two hands.  Jingle Bells will be perfect for the holidays and I thought,  hmm – I could sing and play it on You Tube  and make it my  personalized Holiday greeting.

My newest endeavor is the mentoring of a teenager that I visit once a week at the school.  The goal is to keep her motivated to keep up her grades and earn the scholarship available to her.  I adore her innocence and positive attitude in-spite of a troubled family atmosphere.  For me it brings to mind my teenage years and how challenging it was and the peer pressures.  I didn’t have anyone to share my difficulties with.

Today in my opinion,  there is an abundance of pressures that our youth face every day with hardly anyone to guide and steer them in the right direction.  I sometimes wish I had a magic wand to find mentors and interested men and woman to spend an hour or so a week helping our youth in all age groups.  Our children are desperate for attention and appreciation.

Thinking about all that I try to accomplish sometimes makes my head hurt but an aspirin makes it disappear quickly.  I would much rather overload  my brain and keep it working.  Right?

2 comments to “Brain Overload”

  1. Walk Says:

    As you said, an active mind is just as important as an active body. Both needs to stay in shape. One way to do that is Mentoring. Working with kids will keep you sharp and on your toes. Has she texted you yet?

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Not yet! We have a visit planned for tomorrow afternoon and will probably discuss her upcoming grades that will be reflected on the upcoming report card. Keeping my fingers crossed!