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Mar '12

Bouncing on Your Bottom

You would think that someone in my age bracket would be very careful about doing things that might create an injury.  But lo and he hold ( I must have thought or not thought) that  I was younger than Springtime this past Monday afternoon.   The luncheon I was attending had limited parking and so I parked closer to the street but had to walk around a narrow walkway that was also bumpy and on a slight incline.   I  made it into the dining area and enjoyed the usual banter with people I hadn’t since last years recognition luncheon for volunteers.   We had a nice lunch and enjoyed and applauded the winners of the awards for Outstanding Volunteer of the year.  I said my good byes “see you next year” and headed for the parking lot…

I was doing good and decided I didn’t have to walk all the way around the walkway perhaps, I could walk up the incline that wasn’t too high.   So there I went as I placed one leg up I could feel my self-wobbling and starting  to topple.  As there was nothing for me to grab I think I turned my body to protect my head  from the pavement and bounced on my bottom twice.   A nice couple ran to me and asked if I was dizzy or if I had felt any breaks.  They then helped me carefully to my feet and walked me to my car.  It was when I went to sit that I could feel my whole bottom tingling and sore,  but I felt calm enough to drive the short distance home.

As I gingerly stepped out of my car I wobbled to the front door thankful there was no one around.  Once inside I headed for my closet where I keep my heating pad and plugged it in next to my recliner where I stayed for an hour.  I continued this for the rest of the evening while thinking how lucky I was but how very foolish of me to attempt what I did. I sometimes think that because I practice yoga, I have unbelievable balance.  And although it may have prevented me from a more serious injury, where o’ where was my common sense?

It is no wonder they say ”seniors have the most falls every day and maybe it’s because we don’t think we can’t do it, so why not?    I could have broken a hip an arm a leg and so I am thankful but I am not sure of my tailbone or pelvis……I will be checking with my doctor tomorrow….

I know Ms Millie is not going to try any more shortcuts in the future.

2 comments to “Bouncing on Your Bottom”

  1. Walk Says:

    If/when I fall on my bum, I’ll have brain damage, at least that’s where the wife tells me my head is up.

    I’m hoping you are just bruised and not broken, and will be back in your normal routine shortly. As the Sarge in some police show use to say, “Be careful out there”.

  2. Ms. Millie Says:

    You are too kind Walk! And once again you brought a smile to my face. Let’s hope the x-rays shows no fractures. I will be careful and mindful from here on in…Have a great Easter with your family…….