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Ms. Millie, the sassy so called senior that some call a motivational force, cordially invites you to join her quest to stay youthful and feel better, inside & out.

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Feb '10

Body Thermostat

I have been back in Florida since Sunday evening,  yet it seems my body is still recovering from the way below freezing temps.  In addition to all of this,  I also shared a room with a relative, that loves a cold room to sleep.  I was anxious to return home to Florida’s warm climate, but we are in a cooling trend and we haven’t warmed up as of today.  I am yearning for those low 80’s when I can function without outwear. the layers and get to wear my open shoes with no hose of any kind.   I tell you,  if  it were not  for my wonderful loving family living up North, I probably would stay away unless it was summer-time.

Today,  I did my yoga class for the first time this week and it felt so good to stretch and get the airline kinks out of my body.  My mind has started to clear and I can almost feel stress free once again.  I repeat “Yoga” is the cheapest, easiest form of exercise that is not only good for our body and mind but it also keeps our skin glowing.  It is amazing for me!  Try it!

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