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Oct '08

Another Sunday Morning

For the first Saturday in months I did not do my normal 1 hour workout and I feel deprived.  I worked so hard on Thursday and Friday that I didn’t think my legs could do another lift or squat, so I bowed out of the Saturday class.  I guess addictions can come in many forms, for me it must be doing the Pilate’s and yoga, as my body felt cheated.

Fortunately in the late afternoon.  there was a workshop for total relaxation and massage while Tom Sfero a friend of the instructor, played soothing, relaxing guitar music.  He has composed numerous selections and plays different genres to suit any age group.  He promised the next workshop to sing for us. That would be a double delight to look forward to.  I am thankful for Doreen of Fusion Fit Club for giving us this treat and her expertise,  in relaxation and massage.  It is no wonder that on this beautiful Sunday morning with bright sunshine and cool temperatures that I am feeling wonderful and wish my sons were around to give them a big hug and kiss.  I love and miss them more so today than yesterday.  Love does grow!  Happy Sunday to all! Enjoy

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