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Aug '08

Another Month Gone

Time is marching on and we are almost at the beginning of a new month.  September always brings back memories of my Dad who was my best friend.  He passed too early in life at age 56 back in 1963 and it seems to me when you love someone, the feelings of loss are never diminished entirely.  I find myself at times remembering sayings and conversations and his words of wisdom that I have passed on to my sons.  Thoughts of my Dad, somehow brings a smile to my face.

 On Sept 8, my youngest grand-daughter will turn 19.  She is a sweetheart and now towers over me by 5 or more inches.  Her major is music at the Christian college she attends in Pennsylvania and she is hoping to become a famous singer and perhaps acting, too.  Labor Day will be here this weekend-and maybe the humidity will disappear and give us a feeling of impending fall weather in Florida.  I love the sunshine but it has been sticky for weeks on end.  Yet we have to be thankful that the hurricanes have stayed away from this area.

Be safe, be happy and enjoy your Labor Day.

2 comments to “Another Month Gone”

  1. Gullible Says:

    You’ve received an award. Check my website for the details!


  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Thank you kindly for my award, Gully. I love it and your website, too. Good Luck with all your endeavors!