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Jun '08

Amazing to Watch

Growing up in New York City the only sports I knew were the New York Yankees, Brooklyn Dodgers and playing stick ball with a 15cents pink Spalding ball and a broom stick.  Hopscotch and Johnny on the pony and the famous Potsy as we called it was the extent of sports.  In the past few years I have dated men that played golf and one back in 1994 got a hole in one, but it never interested me until I watched a championship featuring the one and only Tiger Woods, and then I was hooked, fascinated although I didn’t  understand the scoring, birdie, par, eagle, watching Tiger is the most impressive and enjoyable time I have ever spent watching a sport.  The way he handles, scrutinizes, plots and plans his shots blows my mind.  He is talented -gifted – a perfect gentleman and sportsman.  I truly idolize him.  I started thinking I could learn to play golf, but at this age I don’t think I would have the concentration needed to master the game.  I will continue to follow his games and today he will be in the playoff for the U.S. open.  You know I am rooting for TIger.  His Dad must have been looking down on him from the heavens yesterday (Fathers Day). 

2 comments to “Amazing to Watch”

  1. Walk Says:

    I can’t quote it perfectly but his dad said this about the times they spent on the course as teacher and student: “He would tee up and be in his backswing when I would throw my bag down. He would stop at the top of his backswing and glare up at me with his teeth grited together. I told him that when I was through teaching him there wouldn’t be anyone he’d ever meet that would be tougher mentally than him. And he has yet to meet them.”

    I’d have to agree. Totally amazing talent who has taken golf to the next level. I’m not a golfer, about the only one in my family who isn’t, but I’m with you, he is amazing to watch.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    And the finale! What an experience and the beauty of the finale, I won’t forget it. It is a surreal! I felt Rocco’s disappointment but he gave it 100 plus. We have alot to be proud of watching these talented pros….