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Nov '13

I am Amazed

Even at this stage of my life I still find my self upset and hurt that the ones you hold dear to your heart aren’t the first ones to reach out with a phone call a letter or if possible a visit.  Once you have told them of your impending tests or rules with the dates how do they not remember?  I have always managed to remember on my own but still notate it on my calendar.  Today, with all the fancy technology they use (maybe there isn’t a reminder app) to prompt them.  Yet,  I hear it time and again from others how we are forgotten, but remembered quickly if we pretend to forget them.  Because, I don’t believe a parent could ever forget that their child (although grown up) might need a pat on the back or some old-fashioned medical or other tips to help them through their colds, problems,, etc.  We do have big shoulders and warm hearts.

How is it that we have progressed to this lack of communication and indifference to not remember our loved ones near and far? Is it the age of selfishness or just plain I don’t care or I don’t have the time?  Have we forgotten how to be loving and caring 365 days a year and not only be remembered by casual friends?   If in fact this is the way it will continue, I will no longer be amazed but dismayed and heartbroken.

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