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Mar '11

Allergy Season

I am usually not a nap person and just go-go all the  through the day and then retire to bed at a reasonable hour.  Yet,  for the past week my eyes have been watering and there seems to be a froggy in my throat.  And, right around 3 in the afternoon shortly after I return home from volunteering, I have a hard time to keeping my eyes open. So I head for my recliner put my feet up and start to read.  Within an hour or so I find myself waking up from a deep sleep and still feel like I am in a fog.  I don’t even recall falling asleep.

It has to be the flowers that are blooming here in Florida along with the oak trees..  The grounds are covered with acorns and the yellow film is on our cars. It seems that everyone seems to be experiencing crazy weather patterns this winter and anxious for Spring to arrive on the 20th of March.   Eleven days and counting!



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