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Mar '09

A Feeling of Accomplishment

It is gratifying when our plans work out and we can cross it off our “to do”  list.  I finally emptied my closet and made a box just for American Vets, another for a friend who is just around my size and the last one for the school.  There are children in the higher grades that will benefit from some newly used tops. 

The best is that I can now see in my closet with all of my tops, shirts, dresses and casual wear, color coordinated.  The number of shoes I owned and some that I didn’t realize I had, made me make a pledge that I will not buy anything new for the next six months with the hope I can stretch it to nine months and then perhaps a year. 

Won’t it be a bit of a surprise to see how much I have saved during this time?   Maybe,  I will have enough to go on another cruise.   

I like this idea very much.

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