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Jun '10

A Face Remembered

I am the type of person that remembers birthdays of people that I have known in my business and personal life and for some,  I still send out greetings to them.  It is really easy for the ones that I  have Internet access and email addresses.  And for those  that I don’t  have current information, it seems just a glance at my perpetual calendar that has followed me all of these years from house to job and back again will trigger a memory and occasion.  Silently,  I wish them well,  wherever they might be.

Some of  my friends and family members are amazed at how I can just recite each ones date and age (for those who have told me honestly).  I realize that I love remembering others with fond thoughts.

As I gazed at my calendar this morning,  I recalled sadly that the guy that stole my heart fifty plus years ago passed in 2004.  We had had,  some great times back then dating, falling in love-getting married-having three sons and then one day- “poof  just like that,  it was over.”

Somehow, I never did forget his birthday July 2 or the date we wed Nov 13 and so I can’t forget the day he died.

After all, he was the guy that stole my heart before I knew what was happening.

And then,  it was too late!

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