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Feb '09

A Bit of Spring Fever

We went from a cold chill to a warm humid day that started this morning with fog.  I  quickly had a flashback to five years prior when I dreaded driving through the haze on my way to work.  My hands would be  gripping the steering wheel at the same time trying to see through the windshield wipers as I drove slowly and careful.  It seemed to take forever to reach my destination, but once there,  I needed my caffeine.  Today, I could drink my coffee and watch the fog lift before venturing out.

By noon we were taking off our light sweaters all the while thinking it felt too warm for this time of year.  I am convinced we are never satisfied for any length of time.  First, we like it cold, but not too cold for too many days – but on the other hand we like it warm- but not too hot and no humidity, perhaps  just bright sunshine, balmy breeze and blue skies.

With Friday the 13th approaching who knows what the weather will be?  So I decided that today was like the first day of Spring and enjoyed it all.

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