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Jan '12

No Midnight Toast

For many years I have watched the ball come down at midnight from Times Square.   Somehow this year became the exception because of the ensuing chain of events.  On Friday I started with an awful sinus headache that made my head feel like it had ballooned in size.  This in turn led to congestion along with a hacking cough and so by the time I finished all my medicines-drank my many cups of hot tea and honey,  I  just needed to close my eyes for a few minutes as I bundled up in the recliner. Lo and behold!

I opened my eyes to a newscaster giving the highlights of the many places hosting New Years Eve at midnight.   I had missed it. And I felt like a kid that had broken a rule.  Silly as it sounds ” I felt guilty about breaking a tradition, and what about Dick Clark?  Well I think he will forgive me and maybe with Ms Millie’s belief that everything in life happens for a reason, it will keep me wondering just what surprises might be in store for us.”

Maybe traditions are old-fashioned, after all!

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