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Oct '09

Fall Cleanup

Thought I would go through my closets and chest of drawers and weed out the summer wear and the clothes I don’t wear and make some useful donations to those in need.  I made a vow that I will not buy another article of clothing until next April when it will be time to sort through once again to see what I didn’t wear and donate once again.

In one of the current issues of Real Simple it suggested turning the hanger the opposite way once we wear something and if it stays that way for the six months it is time to say goodbye.  My little Marissa that resides in New York will be happy with all of her Great Nana’s tops, hoodies and Capri’s  as we wear the same size.  The rest will go to Hospice that I am sure will be glad to receive and then sell in their Hospice stores.

On Sunday I will do the same with my linen closet and pantry, and then I  can donate some food to the local pantries with towels and unused linens going  to the homeless shelters and Goodwill centers.

Hopefully,  I have given you some ideas on how we can shop in our own homes and  donate our excess to various people and charities.   I can almost guarantee a feeling of   “Good Will.”

Have a great weekend and Smile!

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