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Jun '10

The Pinches Continue

Today was my third visit with the acupuncturist and I am truly blown away with the results thus far.   A few days after the first visit and many needles in different areas,  it seemed I didn’t cough as much and I didn’t get the shortness of breath as often.  In addition to the treatment,  I began taking the whole food vitamins 3 times a day with meals that seemed to add to the good feelings and I found myself  sleeping through the night.

So,  I thought maybe it was like a placebo (mind over matter)  but after the second and then today’s visit,  I am convinced that  acupuncture works for me.  The circulation in my legs has improved and my internal system and digestive tract seem to be functioning well.  And the big smile on my face told Linda( the gal that does the sticking)   that whatever she is doing,  it is working for me and I am so happy and grateful.

Normally in my power yoga class I have to modify some of the poses because of shortness of breath, well yesterdays ninety minutes class seemed to go easier with less breaks for modifications as I didn’t lose my breath as often.  What a great feeling and I started to think  “wow”   just think how good next month will be??  I love challenging myself and this is going in the right direction medically and physically.  Out of nowhere came the thought of  the detergent I use named “Dynamo” and made that my goal to be a Dynamo.

So on with the pinches and being a pincushion.  It works for me!

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