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Mar '12

Doctor’s Orders Brought Me Back

Here I am, foggy-groggy and worn out from medicines prescribed for my slight case of pneumonia.  This has been a battle ever since my flu shot back last September.  My doctor and I feel that this year’s flu-shot caused me to experience muscle failure-thrush from the steroid inhaler and bronchitis.  I no sooner think I am better and, viola, another cold begins. This one was a four-week coughing bought that left me in tears and breathless.  (This is when you regret living alone and yearn for some TLC and a cup of tea as you drag your aching body to the stove or microwave and brew a cup.)

Finally, a week ago, I almost felt the energy had come back and I was  Ms. Millie again – active and happy, and in spite of all the drama that has happened in my family of late.  Gee, I thought I could put it on the back burner. But once you can’t express yourself on paper or on-screen, it is time to take a break.  And besides, I don’t believe people want to read “doom and gloom” on a daily basis.  They sure have enough on their own full plates in today’s world.

I started going back to my usual schedule.  I visited my kids at school and Sophia, the student I mentor.   In addition, I did my volunteering at the hospital on Saturday and Monday.  But during my shift, the air conditioning became too cold for my frail body and by the time I left – four hours later – my body and left side seemed frozen.  The sad part is I don’t get paid for these hours, I could have left, but that is just not my style.  But it will have to be from now on…  My next not-too-bright decision was not calling the doctor on Monday, but choosing to wait until I suffered shortness of breath for the next two days along with a miserable sinus headache.  I sat in the waiting room on Thursday feeling very sick but thankful when my wonderful doctor called me in his examining room.   My numbers were not good at all, especially my oxygen levels, and he mentioned I might have to go on oxygen.  He opted for a chest x-ray and his orders were “no activities for a week.  Rest and take all the medications prescribed. Or the hospital. Your choice.”

Well, number one, I don’t own a laptop and I do prefer my own surroundings and so I am following doctors orders and telling you my tale of woe.  And I am starting to feel a smile coming to my face once again.

Thank you for your readership and understanding……..To be continued……..

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