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Oct '11

Counting My Blessings

I believe we all walk into our doctors office for our annual or semi-annual exam with trepidation.  We are in fear of hearing bad news and the  big “C” word  that follows it.  It just seems that more people are being diagnosed with some form of cancer and it is hitting all ages.,

In the past month alone, at least three people have told me about someone close to them that has cancer.  This led me to being a bit nervous today as I had my exam.  Once it was over I could the smile on my doctors kind face and ” poof  just like magic,  all of my stress just seemed to disappear.”

I hurriedly put myself back together and walked into his private office.  He immediately assured me that every thing was great and that I should keep up my good habits of exercise and healthy eating.  “It seems to be working well for you, he said.”

Yes I will!  I could feel the big smile on my face as I murmured Amen.

It sure turned out to be an awesome Monday and am I thankful?

You bet I am.

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