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Sep '07

Nice to See You Again

About 5 weeks ago I boarded a cruise ship in Port Canaveral Fl and sailed to St Thomas and St Martine. There were over 2800 passengers and 1500 in crew and staff. The ship was decked out in beautiful colors, huge theatre, ice skating rink, rock climbing wall and the dining rooms were magnificent, the food was cooked to perfection and there was a choice for all. If you chose to eat healthy there were wonderful selections and tempting salads, desserts. The cabins were plush even at the lower price scale and the beds were to die for. You just sunk into the mattress and pillow.

I joined a group of wonderful singles from Atlanta and Florida and we all just jelled and had a blast. The beauty of it all were the difference in ages from 30’s to 70’s and yet everyone was young in heart and spirit. We all took lots of photos and exchanged email addresses hoping we would keep in touch. Well, we did keep in touch and tonight there was a get together in Tampa at Wild Wings and there were about 200 plus happy people.

There were about 15 of the people I spent the most time with just catching up on the past weeks and looking at photos. I have made so many new acquaintances and we are planning to go to a huge Halloween Party the end of October. Some of us were talking about doing the cruise again next Labor Day and I will definitely put it on my calendar. Hopefully, it will be Royal Caribbean once more. I was impressed and look forward to making some more new friends.

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