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Aug '10

Great Weekend

It is hard to believe it is already Sunday evening and I am getting ready to watch Leverage and the Gates.  There are two other shows on at the same time that I will record for future viewing.   Yesterday,  it seemed that my four hours at the gift shop flew by quickly.  Many of the other volunteers came into the shop to meet and greet me with a warm welcome.  This warm gesture just had the right touch as it kind of set the wheels in motion as it helped me to relax.

It made for a great afternoon.

This morning,  I did my power yoga class and then visited the local Walmart to do some needed shopping for my meals this week.

Monday morning will be here before I know it and my plan is to do my one hour Hatha yoga class.  Afterward, I will meet up with Valerie and Gaye for lunch at Crispers,  and then we three will be off to an afternoon showing of  the new Julia Roberts movie  “Eat, Pray, Love”.

The reviews have been promising and I know the scenes filmed in India and Italy will be beautiful.

So here’s to a great Monday for everyone!

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