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Jun '11

Fabulous Places and Faces

This has been a great week thus far and by far one of my favorites.  I am a basically a social being and love being around others in spite of liking some personal space once in a while and so this past Monday began with a bus trip from the Cares Travel Club.   The itinerary was a visit to Tampa (right past USF) to spend time at the Museum of Science and Industry where we were once again (just like many moons ago) in the Planetarium.   The narrator was young and somewhat nervous as he tried  to explain what really takes place up above in our wondrous planets and sky.  I had a hard time between the comfortable reclining seats and the darkness plus his monotone voice that almost lulled me into a nap mode.  But I managed to stay awake.

Once this was over we headed to the lunch area where we had a prepared sandwich of turkey or ham, an apple and a bag of healthy chips. In addition to this was a large chocolate chip cookie and a choice of  an ice cream sandwich or pop plus a variety of beverages including green tea which happens to be one of my favorites and fresh brewed coffee.  Sitting with Rosemarie, Noreen and Janice we learned a little about each other and then we headed off for the second part of the program which was the viewing of a tornado as it forms and lands.  It explained about Vector and how it works in tracking tornadoes. This viewing in almost 3D very wide-screen can make you feel disoriented and overwhelmed (but we were told to close our eyes if this happened and the feeling would pass.)  It did quickly for me, but I would have preferred not seeing this film.   The ride home was fun chatting amongst each other and we jotted down phone numbers and email addresses to keep in touch.

Wednesday I met my friend and teacher Merrily for lunch at a local restaurant.  I had a bowl of matzoh ball soup and a half of a corned beef sandwich (that was flown in from NY) so the waiter informed me.  Authentic kosher corned beef from New York and it did taste pretty good.   Merrily surprised me with her news that she will be joining me in the volunteer ranks as she is retiring from teaching after 25 years.   I know the children will miss her as she is a one of a kind old-fashioned type of teacher  (strict but fair).

I also have Merrily to thank for the opportunity to see if I would like working with the children.  It was back in 2003 when she suggested I volunteer at her school after I retired and here we are eight years later and I will begin again at the beginning of the new school year.  It was so nice to be catching up and sharing ideas and suggestions.

This morning I had my one hour Yoga practice that left me feeling alive and invigorated.   I headed down the road a bit and waited to meet my friend Lorraine for lunch at Crispers.  This time I had a half of sandwich on pumpernickel bread filled with chicken pecan salad and a side portion of fresh fruit and a large glass of lemon water.  Lorraine had her favorite tomato bisque soup and half a sandwich the same as mine.   She will be leaving for Buffalo NY for the rest of the summer and so this was it until September.  We try to meet once a month and I love her dearly as her personality and friendship are priceless.

Tomorrow will be my gentle yoga class and no lunch dates but probably an afternoon of relaxation and some reading.   I am hoping next week will be as much fun and look forward to keeping in touch with my new acquaintances…..

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