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Nov '16

Changes in My Life

I recall saying repeatedly, “I will never live with my children!” And yet here I am today, living with my middle son, his wife and the cutest 3 year old grand daughter.

I have lived alone for more than forty years working and raising my 3 sons and managed well.  Then after an unsuccessful cataract procedure in late 2014 leaving me with double vision, I realized a change would be necessary. I needed a place with transportation to-and-from stores and doctors appointments.  My driving safely days were over and there went some of my independence.

I luckily found an independent living residence that met my needs and I got busy selling my home and car. And so, in December of 2014, I moved to my new apartment and found it nice.

It didn’t have the amount of open space I usually like, but I adjusted somewhat.  I walked to the dining area for breakfast (buffet style) and dinners with a huge salad bar and wait services.  Everyone was friendly.  The choices of entree were new to me and so I learned to like or not like some of my selections. I was free to always ask for something else.  Their soups were delicious and I could make a meal out of soup and salad if need be.

As for the activities offered, there was Bingo, and that seemed to be a hit with the majority of residents, and a card game called Cardo that was fun to play.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays there was a happy hour with entertainment, hot snacks, and drink of your choice.  At 11 in the morning, there was a 30 minute exercise class that helped with stretching and toning, but there was no Yoga–my favorite–offered.  My mind and my body missed not having Yoga, as it was its mainstay for years.  Apparently it didn’t attract an audience to warrant paying for an instructor.

I needed to find a substitute and finally found Tai -Chi.  Master Dennis Kelly knew from a 40-plus year career how to teach, instruct, and lecture.  I truly fell in love with the practice and found it easy to incorporate the poses in my everyday life.  Just sitting and performing the many moves calms and relieves my stress. The eye exercises are excellent for peripheral vision.  Breathing is life and how we do it is crucial.  Reach up and smell the flowers (inhale) blow out the candles (exhale).  An easy exercise, but so beneficial.

That’s my update for today. Tune it again to hear of my adjusting to all of the changes in my life.

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