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Oct '09

Weekend Guests

It has been awhile since I had overnight guests and I am blessed this weekend with my son Darrin and Maria.  This will be Maria’s first visit to my home and I am hoping to be as hospitable as I can be.  I was very impressed with Maria when we met earlier this year and we had a nice time chatting and learning about each other.  She seems very content with Darrin and who knows ?   She just might become my daughter in-law and that would be very nice for all of the family.

His brother Joe will be picking them up at the airport as I anxiously await   their arrival.  Earlier in the week I  prepared sausage, peppers and onions in a nice tomato sauce that we can have for hot sandwiches one afternoon and I plan to make brownies tomorrow and perhaps some cake.

Darrin will have a first hand view of my new paint and decorating change to my villa.  It is a beautiful transition from the basic white walls that I previously had.  The weather forecast is low 80’s and sunshine that I know will please everyone.  We broke another record today with 92 hot and sunny degrees.  Here’s to a fabulous weekend!  Enjoy!  I plan to.

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