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Oct '08

Some of My Favorite People

Thought I might share a few photos of people that make my life special.

Joe & Joey at the beach in FL (Summer of '08)

My son Joe and his son/my grandson Joey

This is my grandson Joey having fun with his Dad on a beautiful day in March at Anclote Key beach. Joey lives up North so this was an extra special treat to be sunning and swimming on Spring break. A few days earlier he was wearing a winter coat and boots.

My Son Terry and I

My Son Terry and I

Had to tickle him to get this reaction and it became contagious. It sure is nice to laugh with each other. Take notice he has his favorite team shirt on. He adores baseball and the New York Yankees.

Marissa, AJ, and I

Marissa, AJ, and I

This wonderful photo was taken about an hour after I arrived for Terry’s birthday surprise. My great-grandchildren Marissa age 7 and A.J. age 4. Terry is a lucky grandpa, he gets to see them every day.

Desiree and I

Desiree and I

Nana needs high heels to compete with her granddaughter. I could swear last year she was my height. Someone said we “shrink with age”. I hope it isn’t true. Desiree is in her first year of college and has a beautiful voice and has done some acting, too. She just might be on American Idol or America’s Got Talent some day in the future.

AJ Flips!

AJ Flips!

Anthony James (AJ) was so excited to see me and loves posing for the camera. I thought this was adorable. Another baseball fan, it must run in the family.

2 comments to “Some of My Favorite People”

  1. Walk Says:

    Now that is a good looking family! Looks like you have fun together.

  2. MsMillie Says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I try to squeeze in lots of love and kisses on my visits. The little ones give great hugs and my grandsons love to flex their muscles.