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Nov '09

Short but Very Sweet

My son and Maria left around 10 this morning for their flight back to New York and somewhat cooler weather.  Joe drove the both of them to the airport and I had happy (sad) tears to see them leave.  Another day or two would have been perfect but I am not complaining as we had a wonderful visit with lots of food and laughter.

Darrin also upgraded my computer and deleted files I  seldom use and also downloaded the link for photos taken on their previous trips.  Now, on my digital frame I can see all my albums when ever I care to and it makes picture viewing when company visits, a breeze.  So much for technology!

Joe and I along with Maria and Darrin had sandwiches made and we spent a wonderful afternoon at the pool at his complex.  In the evening we changed and went to a local sports bar for some yummy wings and Yankee baseball.  It was an exciting game and fortunately there were more NY Yankees fans than Phillie’s.  I didn’t want to see anyone become unruly over cheering for their favorite team.

Sunday we had breakfast at a wonderful new diner outfitted with all the Fifties music and furniture.  Lots of Marilyn Monroe photos and paraphernalia to add to the good old fashioned home-style cooking.

We ate again  (if you can believe we were hungry)  at Bone-fish Grill which serves delicious fresh fish.  I opted for Salmon, Darrin and Maria had Rainbow Trout and Joe had Tilapia with garlic mashed potatoes and succotash.   We were served a delicious Key lime dessert with four spoons to share along with some coffee  to round out our wonderful meal and time with each other.   Looking forward to their next visit in the near future.

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