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Jun '10

Pick and Choose

Years ago in my career life,  I recall older women than myself complaining about families and siblings become ornery and crotchety.  It seemed their lives did not turn out the way they had hoped it would and so they did nothing to change it for the better.  In my situation I have two older and one younger sibling all of who have been married for many many years.  We grew up not being close but respectful of each other and so I could not believe this could happen in my family.

I actually felt blessed that we didn’t have the negativity but I must admit I wondered how nice it would be if we were closer and shared our feelings and thoughts and dreams.  It never happened and I don’t know why.  Maybe it is just how it was in my generation or just my family.  Any problems or situations I faced I shared with a close friend or two who would listen to me rant and rave about everything and nothing until I felt relief.  So many times I would mention this to a sibling and they would reply,’ you are too sensitive, let it roll of your back, let it go.”  ” You are strong.”  And yes  maybe I am because I am a single person.  But gee whiz,! Even single people have feelings of pain and disappointment and even cry a tear or two, yet my three siblings are in their own cocoons and couldn’t care a bit about me.

The loving feeling is dwindling quickly and we are starting to create nightmares for each other.  I don’t know what is causing this anxiety and disapproval of each others lives and beliefs.  Is it because they have reached the late seventies and feel their life- line shortening?  Have they become perhaps – fearful?t

I do recall the saying “you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives”.   Right now if  I had to choose,  I would pass on all of them.  And maybe they wouldn’t pick me either.

Feel free to share with me as I am curious!  Have a wonderful Sunday.

Ms Millie

2 comments to “Pick and Choose”

  1. The Car Washer Says:

    Your right……you “CAN” pick your friends….not your relatives. If what we do in life doesn’t meet with the approval of others, relatives or friends, it doesn’t mean a damn thing.
    Reminds me of a time I was riding around looking to buy a new car. I asked my father to come along for the ride…..not for any advice. I looked at many cars that day and being a young man of 25 I found myself looking at more expensive rides than I could afford and that were not really very practical. After quite a few frustrating hours of wasting gas (38 cents a gallon) my father finally felt he had to “break the ice”. He said he really didn’t want to interfere with my buying decisions but would it be alright if he asked me just “one” question. I told him to go ahead but please spare me any long winded lectures, especially about the great depression of the 1920’s etc. etc. Well, here’s what he said.


    I never forgot that line and to this day I try to live my life realizing that the only person I need to impress is “ME”.
    As for the rest of the “critics”, I have but one piece of advice……”UP YOUR NOSE WITH A RUBBER HOSE!”
    Most Sincerly,
    The Car Washer

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Mr Car Washer………It’s been awhile since I heard that comment and it brought a smile in addition to an affirmative nod. We need to be happy with ourselves and our beliefs. Hopefully, the idea will rub off on others, too!