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Jul '10

Fun and Sun

Arrived home late Thursday and honestly it takes me longer each time to recuperate from unpacking and opening a week’s worth of mail.  Somehow, there are never any checks but lots of  requests for donations and it is now the primary in Florida coming in August and so it seems that every candidate has their plea to vote for him or her in my mailbox. Talk about saving trees!

But let me fill you in on my stay at Terry’s home out on the Island.  His home is also the residence for my two grand-children and my two great-grand-children Marissa and Anthony.  Both have grown so much and talk incessantly and ask questions and love to hug and kiss me (believe me I am not complaining, I love it).  Anthony aka A.J. celebrated his sixth birthday in June and received a WI that has bowling as oneof  the  games that can be played.  He has mastered the technique and has become a champion player.  His goal was to teach his great Nana how to play.  This was a brand new experience for me but I had to try.

With his guidance and step by step instructions he tried to tell and show me how to play.  I started to feel  like a school-girl and a little embarrassed at how clumsy and uncoordinated I was.  Finally after lots of tries and laughter,  too ,  I managed to hold the hand-held controller correctly and guide the arrows to aim for the center pin.  Five pins, six and then a spare and I was hooked on WI.

Within  a day or two, I was able to beat my record with the highest score and just a few games later, I beat Anthony with a great score.    His reply was “Great Nana, it is not important to win, just how you play the game.”   I totally agreed (but it is nice to win) and so I continued to play with him and then my nine year old Marissa.  Now my great grand-daughter has the most beautiful thick long long, brown hair and is almost as tall as her Great Nana and she is very competitive.   Needless to say  I could not win a game against her but we did have lots of fun.  It was a wonderful heart warming experience to play games with my family especially the younger set.  And I  wish it were possible to do it more ( but living out of state does not warrant the possibility plus the expense)  but this is another page for my memory book.

Don’t you agree?

1 comment to “Fun and Sun”

  1. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Hi, Millie! Coming at ya’ from Women Etcetera! – Sounds like a warm and wonderful visit with family . . . and getting to play with the great-grand kids . . . so fun . . .