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Oct '08

Family Fun Occasion

Fifty Years and Counting

My Son Terry and I on his 50th Birthday

On a sunny day back in 1958, this lucky Mom gave birth to a baby boy who recently celebrated his 50th birthday. It wasn’t long after that sunny summer day in ’58 when he started playing baseball in the little league. He began playing at the earliest age permitted and immediately gravitated to pitching. He was good on the mound and like so many young kids, his dream became to pitch professionally for the New York Yankees. While these sorts of dreams rarely come true, he worked hard and has always kept that spirit.

Today, he is father of four, and grandfather of two – all very sweet & dynamic children. Laura, his firstborn, thought it would be a nice surprise to have a party for him, and have me fly up. I thought it was a wonderful idea! I tried doing all the usual things – made my regular phone calls, mailed his card early – but somehow he sensed his mom wouldn’t want to be away from him on his special day. He was right on with his thinking. There I was, very happy to have enjoyed that very special day. I’ll treasure the memories of this great occasion for a long time to come.

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