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Jul '10

Everyone is Fine

Meg and Sam three and five respectively,  have grown in leaps and bounds since my last visit in January.  Meg loves the Dora and Princess line and so I was able to find the most adorable tote shopping bag and a Princess belt in hot pink with a pearliest glittery buckle.  I also found the most adorable shirt in her favorite color pink that she wore her belt over.   She was delighted with her gifts and the little story books I later read to her.

Sam loved the Lego Brand shirt and a Lego put -together truck/car.  Along with these I also brought him a few books and some new Willie Wonka candies that both him and Meg enjoyed.  It was neat to hang out in their room outfitted with bunk beds.   Sam pointed out all of his many many stickers of all types and Meg with her collection of story and picture books.  Darrin and Maria made sure  I had everything I might need to be comfortable especially in the above 90’s temperature.  Fortunately, they have window air conditioners and so I was able to relax and sleep in comfort.

I was able to go with Darrin on Wednesday to see him and his co-workers play a soft ball game.   Watching Darrin field the ball and also bring in the winning run was awesome.  It also triggered wonderful memories from years back when he played baseball and football.  I was so happy to be able to share this time with him.

Later on in the evening, the three of us went out to a local Italian restaurant and shared a wonderful meal along with some delicious wine.

Off to Long Island for a visit with my other son Terry and his family.

2 comments to “Everyone is Fine”

  1. Jamie Dedes Says:

    Enjoying your blog . . . and the vicarious thrill of great-grandkids. Still waiting for grandchildren!!!! Sigh . . . I’m glad you’re happy. Like your blog, Millie. I’ll be back . . . Warmest regards, Jamie from Women Etcetera!

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Hi Jamie……Thank you so much for your comments and interest in my blog. Look forward to reading yours, too. MsMillie