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Aug '10


Tormenta and Sam

Tormenta and Sam lounging in their Brooklyn, NY backyard, July 2010

My eyes filled with tears on Saturday when I learned of Tormenta’s demise.  She loved kids and was a wonderful loving dog to all the family and friends, and also a great playmate for Sam (the dog) and their two cats, Homer and Bonkers.  Tormenta belonged to my son Darrin’s wife, Maria, and was a huge part of their family.  Tormenta could fairly be credited with playing matchmaker of Maria and Darrin in the first place.  All together, they are a very close, loving, and happy family.  Tormenta will surely be missed.

The pain, sense of loss, and tears are overwhelming me today as I vividly recall my sad time when I lost my little Cairn Terrier, Bear, about ten years ago.  Unfortunately, I have never had the courage to do it again.   Recently though I have once again been tempted to adopt a dog from a local shelter.  These wonderful animals become a part of you and of your family.

It was early last year that they were told that Tormenta was on borrowed time with an inoperable tumor.  But fortunately she went well beyond the predicted date by months and always remained happy and active enough to eat, romp, and play.

I would like to believe that perhaps there is a “Doggie Heaven” and that on Saturday they decided they needed Tormenta to fill in a special spot.  Tormenta heard the call and left her loving home that will always remember her and her loving ways.  My utmost wish for right now is that the loss has not been too traumatic for the little ones and that Sam (the dog) is adjusting to life without Tormenta.  They were all so awesome and lovable together.

Here is a recent picture of the two of them together for you to see.  She, Tormenta, is in the foreground, smiling as it were, for the camera.

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