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Dec '08

Back from a Great Vacation

All I can say is winter took a break while I spent my four days in New York with only a slight rain early in the week and then cool sunny days, prevailed. Seeing my nine year grandson Joey was special and so heart-warming. He seems to have grown up overnight and I am thinking he will surpass me in height in the very near future, being I am only a mere 5’2′. Maybe the secret today is in the water.

Next on my visitor’s list was my sister and husband which turned out to be a catch up, remember when type visit. Gloria has always been a fun person and it was enjoyable to say the least. After a great lunch and lots of coffee, we hugged and kissed again and again promising to make the visits happen frequently. Saying goodbye seems to get harder to do as we age.

The front door to my older son’s house opened as two munchkins come running down the steps to greet me, Joe and Joey. What great hugs and kisses! I am flabbergasted as to how much they have grown up. Marissa’s long hair is a beautiful shade of dark brown with red highlights. AJ, my cute little four year old, has a million dollar smile and a marvelous personality. Laura the children’s’ Mom is looking wonderful as well as Desiree all grown up and home on a four day holiday from college. Steven and Sean are both over 6′ and they love hugging me and tapping me softly on my head. So hard to believe they are 25 and almost 22 on January 12.

As I went to bed that evening, I was in awe of my wonderful sons and their families. I just looked up and said a wonderful thank you to the heavens above for my wondrous fortune. Seeing my sister Gloria only added to this sentiment. My son and grandson traveled with me to Brooklyn to spend time with Darrin and help out with any preparations he needed for our next days celebration and feast. Now, I could do what Mommies do best (run the vacuum, dust some cobwebs and sing along with the music) as Sam the cutest dog in all the world kept me company, while Darrin caught up on his shopping chores. I sort of like being useful around my children as I miss being needed now that they are grown.

Once the place was in ship shape order, Darrin started baking his fresh apple and pecan pies. He also made a pumpkin pie and a butternut squash soup. Lots of side dished to accompany the turkey and stuffing. He opted to try making the stuffing on his own and so I take the sidelines and watch him diligently put this wonderful feast together.

Thanksgiving Day arrived and I must admit I had tears in my eyes as my sons and families arrived. The love, the ambiance and the fragrant odors of turkey, stuffing, pies filled the rooms. So much to be thankful for and grateful for the time together. This has been the best Thanksgiving for this Mom in many a year.

To my sons, thank you for making your Mom so very happy. Looking forward to 2009!

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