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Apr '12

Yoga Butt

Someone told me years ago that practicing yoga would benefit not only my mind but my body and balance, too.   I put yoga to the test a few weeks ago when I did the unthinkable (walking up an incline with platform shoes on) and lost my balance.   If it were not for my quick thinking I might have broken a bone a hip an arm or fractured my pelvis.   Fortunately I did none of those and ended up with a very sore bottom.

Because of this,I did very little exercise and found my self lethargic and unmotivated.   Yesterday I decided  I would get dressed for the 10 a.m. Yoga class and hoped I would be able to do some of the poses without too much discomfort or pain.  It is amazing how our bodies do remember!  And with the help of a folded blanket and a cushion for my knees I was able to do all the poses except for the boat.   Anne (my instructor decided that was not a move for someone in my condition) perhaps when my butt healed internally.  As I relaxed into the last pose I could feel the energy  return to my body and my mind was calm and happy.

I think Yoga belongs in everyone’s life young and old as it is the WD-40 for our limbs-balance stamina and mental clarity.  Get your yoga moment today!

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