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Mar '11

Twists to A New You

I am wondering if any of my readers have tried doing Yoga since I wrote about it last?  My reason is curiosity of how much you enjoyed the practice and if you are still taking classes.  My posture is awesome for a person of my years plus the bounce in my step has added vim and vitality to all of my joints and calmness to my mind.

If there is a Y near you or a fitness center take an introductory beginner’s yoga or gentle yoga class.  I can assure you will be on your way to a new younger- healthier you……Guaranteed.

1 comment to “Twists to A New You”

  1. Walk Says:

    The only yoga I have attempted was on the Wii. The only classes around here are during working hours so I haven’t attempted a class yet. What I did with the Wii did help stretch me out and make me more limber.