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Jul '09

Someone Called Me “Amazing”

As we did the abs class this morning (fortunately it is only a half hour) there we were trying to do full sit-ups and touching our toes for a 25 count.  By the last three I didn’t think I could do it,  but I inhaled and said “yes I can to myself and viola, I did it” !  One  of the regulars named Erin had been on a brief absence and she had done the Yoga class with me yesterday.  This morning,  she was right across the room from me , as we did these sit-ups and right at the last count,  she blurted  “Millie, you are Amazing!”   “I am thinking I can’t do this and I look over at you, and there you are, one after the other making it look so easy.”  How could I stop?  Gosh you are an inspiration!

This comment with its sincerity has stayed with me all day and it not only made me happy but it has given motivation to continue to do my best and let others see  that will power and determination  can achieve the best results at any age.

At the end of class I thanked Erin for her complement and she hugged me and replied ” Thank you for being my Inspiration.”

2 comments to “Someone Called Me “Amazing””

  1. Walk Says:

    Now I can’t believe that she is the first to tell you that. Maybe she just finally put in words what others think everyday. You probably won’t know how many people you have inspired, especially when you include the wee ones you work with at school.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. It is so nice to hear and only inspires me to “keep doing It!!