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Jun '09

Mid Week Report

I have survived Fusion Fit Club’s half hour of abs followed by body sculpting with weights and a 3lb bar.  Utilizing a six lb bar is my goal starting in mid July and also graduating to 4lb weights.  My forearms are starting to show my progress,  with a slight definition of a muscle building.  Weight bearing exercises are extremely beneficial for seniors like myself to aid us in maintaining our musculature and helping to keep our bones strong,  at the same time.  The yoga practice  will help with our balance and also increasing our ability to focus and tune out the world (if only for an hour) is by far the “creme De la creme”.

And so after arriving home – having a quick healthy lunch,  my voice and piano teacher Crystal knocked on my door for our 2p.m. appointment for my first keyboard lesson.  It was a challenge,  learning the proper placement of my fingers and the difference in the black and white keys.  There are 66 keys on a keyboard vs 88 on a regular piano.  My keyboard has a (light up keys feature) and a built in recorder to show the placement of fingers on each hand.  This will prove to be a benefit once I understand the lessons.

Crystal worked with me and explained and gave me notes and  homework to complete before next Monday’s lesson. I need to recognize keys, placement of my fingers and then write down the correct numbers to the diagrams depicting which are whole notes (shaded vs half notes not shaded) Before I confuse myself as well as you, let me get busy and I will report back on my progress later on in the week.

Between my exercise and keyboard lessons it takes up half my day leaving the question what about the other half?  Never thought I would be looking for things to do, but it does beat that 9-5 have to routine.  Now I have a choice.

3 comments to “Mid Week Report”

  1. Walk Says:

    I took piano lessons when I was pre-teen. I hated it and wouldn’t practice. The only benefit I received was learning to read music enough to be able to sing harmony. I wish now that I had practiced and mastered the piano, I may have to take lessons once again. Keep at it, before long you’ll be singing and playing at a piano bar singing “Summertime”.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. I am loving the practice and the feel of the keys.

  3. Lorraine Says:

    You are one dynamo…….It is wonderful to know someone who continually does what her heart dictates. One awesme senior.