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Oct '08

Cardio Action

Pilates and Yoga are excellent for toning and stretching the muscles. Tai-Chi gives you peace of mind and free movement of our arms and legs, but we also need to do cardio. Fusion Fitness advertised a new class for Thursday that promised a total workout.

It promised to get your heart rate up (they weren’t kidding). There I was trying to keep up with the younger gals as we did upper cuts, jabs, squats and kick box moves – my heart was pounding yet I could feel this incredible energy flowing through my body. How could working so hard make you feel like a million? I have been wearing a big smile all day. The latest news is- our brains can be trained with exercise. Maybe this is the answer to eliminating dementia or Alzheimer’s. It sure is exciting news.

Right now as I am typing this, my muscles are reminding me of the workout earlier today, but it won’t keep me from doing it again on Thursday of next week.

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