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Dec '11

Yoga and BJ Make for a Perfect Day

Talk about an awesome way to start a week . Let me fill you in on my glorious Monday.

It started at 10 with a brand new instructor teaching our  Yoga class and her name is Linda.  She has an easy way of explaining the moves and poses and all of the modifications that can be done for the newbies.   I enjoyed the background music she chose,  to help me fine tune and zone out for an hour while stretching and toning my balance and quieting my mind.   This prepared me for a healthy lunch and then I was off to meet my travel group of thirty who were excited to be seeing B.J. Thomas in the cultural center in Largo.  For those who don’t know or recall his hit songs to name a few:

1.  Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head,

2.  Hooked on a Feeling

3 . I’m So Lonesome I could Cry  (and I did cry) but not from loneliness but for past memories some better than others.

Somehow I didn’t recall seeing a  photograph of  him which left me clueless as to what his appearance might be.  Yet, I always imagined if his appearance matched his sexy voice,  he had to be a knockout.   Well, I was blown away by his B.J.’s appearance as he is not only slim trim and nicely dressed but he also has a dynamic persona and an awesome sense of humor.   After 35 or more years his voice is still romantic and warm.  He made my heart skip a beat or two, just like it does every time I hear him sing.

Talk about celebrating a new week in a special way this was the creme de la creme.  My kind of living the perfect day!

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