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Dec '08

Time is Flying By

Amazing that another weekend is here, as I have been a complete scatter brain for the past few days.  Ironically, it seems to happen every year right around this time as I get excited about my upcoming birthday.  I love this day as it is all mine and love the cards and good wishes, phone calls and I am always thankful I made another year.  On one table I have all my holiday cards waiting to be written and the other, the gifts  I have purchased to be mailed next week.  I started decorating my front door with my pretty wreaths and Santa Claus stickers and mailbox cover that has poinsettias on it.

Yesterday, I helped the little ones at school that are writing their letters to Santa.  Their wish list is quite different than the lists of years ago.  Then their lists might have said a new doll or trucks, Spider Man clothes or Sponge Bob.  Today, their wishes are far more expensive and mature for six – seven year old children, eg.  I-Pods, personal cell phones, electronic games and DVDs players are just a few of their requests.  I believe,  the media has played a big part on our children’s wants, but no one has told them about the economy.

In the midst of all this,  I am trying to take the review course for Tax Preparer for AARP and Vita and start doing taxes the middle of January for two days a week as a volunteer.  My brain cells seem to be working on a slower basis as I try to retain what I read.  I find myself reading and re-reading and then repeating what I read out loud and finally it has registered.  I refuse to admit my brain might be aging as I recall that saying if you don’t use it- you will lose it.

On a cheery note, I am going to the Richey Suncoast Theatre on Sunday for the Christmas Spectacular where the local talent will be performing, dancing and singing Christmas carols and holiday tunes.   The reviews have been awesome.  This requires only sitting and enjoying, even singing or humming along.   So till next time, enjoy the weekend.

2 comments to “Time is Flying By”

  1. Walk Says:

    So, how was the Spectacular tonight?

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    It was wonderful to see our talented youth sing, act and dance. The acts were broken into age groups 8-10,11-13,14-17. One adorable six year old boy sang in his red flannel pj’s “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus.” Right then I could picture my little great-grandson singing it, too

    I truly loved every note, every step and I am sure my eyes were not the only ones filled as we all joined in to sing “Have yourself a very Merry Christmas” and “What are you doing New Years Eve?”

    The costumes and the frolic made it a heartwarming, delightful performance. It definitely added to the feeling of what makes this season merry.

    It was spectacular!