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Apr '10

The Best of Frank Parsons

Wow! That is how I feel today after being at the Richey Suncoast Theatre for the next to last show of this years Big Band.  Frank Parsons and Fred Nunes together with the band played their best yet,  in my opinion .  It had a jovial pace and moved along with two or three  of the saxophone players treating us to their expertise playing the saxophone (it is my favorite sounding instrument) along with the other band members  that produced great music, beautiful sounds and  memories of famous tunes from the Glenn Miller Band.

In addition to this, Frank had the audience participate in guessing the name of the tune and which band used it as their theme song.

Only a few offered up the right answer and although I recognized the music the names of  the band leaders escaped me due to my young years.. Ha ha!

Only one more to go till next October when the new season begins and I am ready with my eight tickets and my aisle seat!  Thank you Frank and Fred and the rest of the band and Liz for an amazing time, once again.

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