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Jul '11

Still Remember the Words

Spend a nice Sunday with a bunch of ladies like myself at the local playhouse to see My Fair Lady.   I was fortunate to get my favorite place to sit (right up front and on the aisle) which put me in an even better mood.  It turned out to be a sold out performance and so everyone in our group was thrilled with their seating assignments.   As we settled in,  they introduced the piano accompanist whose fingers seem to magically play the familiar melodies from this wonderful production.  And,  I found myself humming quietly and then after a while, singing along with the main performer who had the most wonderful voice.  Gosh, she made it look so easy to sing and tell her lines all while looking magnificent in her finery.

As it always seems to happen to Ms Millie, I somehow become transformed into seeing me on stage and wishing that I was the one belting out a song or two.   Did you know that they have fantasy camps for sports?   I wonder if perhaps they have one for “wanna be stars”?    Just think how neat that would be for me and my family to see my name on the marquee and a writeup on the program.   “Ms Millie A unique senior and great grand-parent – living out one of her dreams! ”

Do you think they would be laughing at me?  Well  maybe they would or on the other hand,  they might be cheering me on .  I  could be the inspiration they need.  After all,  don’t we all have our hidden wish lists?  This could be the catalyst to live out a dream or two.

And so after a two-hour presentation with a 15 minute intermission,  we left for a delicious lunch at a Greek restaurant.   This particular restaurant is famous for their “Gyro” sandwiches and so this is what I ordered along with a Raspberry iced tea.  We enjoyed our food and chatter and all had favorable comments about the performance.  And then,  it was time for this group of  twenty-two contented ladies to climb aboard the bus that would  bring us back to our pick up point for our automobiles .  I think as we chatted amongst ourselves about the future trips in the coming months we all had a smile on our faces and for Ms Millie I was back in real time.

2 comments to “Still Remember the Words”

  1. Walk Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with your dream. Have you thought about joining a local theater group? I’m sure they would eventually have a musical to perform and then you could belt out that music that you’ve gotten bottled up inside.

  2. Ms. Millie Says:

    Great idea and I can then put a check mark on my bucket list.

    2012, just might be the year.