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Feb '10

Songs from Broadway

I did quite a bit of singing and dancing in my seat today at my new favorite place to be for entertainment at its best.  The Eleanor Dempsey theatre in Spring Hill, Fl housed in the Bishop Larkin High school is awesome with its comfortable seats and beautiful stage area.  The show today featured John Timpanelli  and other featured singers from as young as 13 years of age.

Their renditions of famous Broadway tunes brought tears to my eyes remembering  “Old Man River from Showboat, Fiddler on the Roof,  Stop the World I Want to Get off with Anthony ‘s hit of  “What Kind of Fool am I?” and others that seemed to please the audience by their reaction with loud applause.

The solos were impressive by a few familiar faces that have appeared at the Richey Sun-coast Theatre and it was nice to see them advancing in their careers and performances.   The price was just right for a Sunday afternoon of entertainment and I am looking forward to his next show on March 14.   John Timpanelli has a new season of unannounced shows as of yet, but I know I will be a ticket holder for sure.  Ms Millie will be overjoyed with all the music around me.  Between the two theaters I will be singing and dancing  in the aisles.

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