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Feb '09

Sing a Song or Two

My sister reminded me when I mentioned how much I enjoy singing, that I did that for a penny or two when I was only five or six, I would sing for the neighbors to earn money to buy penny candy (giving away my age) but it was fun.  Today, I still sing along with the radio and surprise myself when I remember most of the words of songs from years back.  And so when they opened a brand new music store right next to the Fusion Fit Club, I decided this might be another hobby for Ms Millie and another check mark on my wish list.

With this idea in mind, I entered the store and asked “what do you do in here?”.  The woman behind the counter smiled and gave me the list of instruments they teach and also an art class and voice lessons.  That made me grin as I questioned  if it was possible if I only could (or so I thought) carry a tune?  She explained further about technique and set me up for a consultation with the voice teacher.  I was so excited and decided if I had to sing a song I would sing “Blow Me a Kiss” as I knew all the words.  On Saturday, I met with Crystal who filled me in on her qualifications and asked what type of singing and music did I prefer. I went on to say I loved old romantic tunes when she decided it was time for her to hear me sing.  I started singing my song and remembered only four lines.  My mind registered test and the rest of the song escaped me.  Crystal promised I would remember all of the words once I left the store, but she was able to derive that I am an alto with 2nd soprano pitch and I do have tone.  So I am going to start a six week 45 minutes class next Saturday. Who knows, I just might be on the Senior American Idol some day!! 

By the way, I did remember all of the words to my song driving home.

1 comment to “Sing a Song or Two”

  1. Walk Says:

    St-st-stage fright!!! Maybe you can sing with that Parsons big band one day. I can see the posters now “Ms Millie live at the Coco Rio”. Good for you, keep stretching your horizons.