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Nov '08

Saturday Dance Fever

Planning ahead to my December cruise, I started to think about clothes and proper footwear for the many hours of dancing planned.  This led me to do a search online and ended up ordering a pair of ballroom dancing shoes. 

In less than 48 hours,  the United Parcel delivery man was at my door with my shoes.  I tore open the carton and peeked into the shoe box and carefully removed each shoe.  As I gazed at each shoe, I realized there is a leather sole that feels almost like suede to help you glide across the floor.  Inside the shoe there is extra padding for your toe bed.  I loved the way they looked, felt and fit.   The box also held a velvet drawstring  bag to carry the shoes with a little sheet explaining the shoes should not be worn outside as it would ruin the soles.  I am planning to bring them with me tomorrow night and break them in at the Saturday night dance.   Will let you know if I danced all night!

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