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Sep '13

Great Day

Wow! I am finally feeling like myself once again after a bout with some bug that got me over a month ago when I was up North.  I don’t think my body can deal with the change in weather and different environments.  Maybe I need to wear a mask and a bubble suit so I am fully protected from germs…

Finally today I had a day trip planned and off we went on the Cares Travel bus to St Peters burg to visit the infamous  Vinoy Renaissance hotel.  Upon on our arrival, the staff welcomed us warmly and then introduced everyone  to  a very pleasant docent.  She had all the background information including the highlights and history of this wonderful landmark.  The outside courtyards were magnificent  as well as the ballroom inside with its beautiful tiled and carpeted floors.  They have a portable dance floor that they install for their gala parties.  The ceiling held the most striking hanging chandelier that I found to be extremely unusual and delicate to gaze upon.

Our luncheon was delicious and consisted of a greens salad with strawberries, walnuts and bits of tomato followed by an entrée of penne with shrimp and a delicious pound cake with poached peaches in red wine topped with a little dollop of whipped cream.  Audrey my friend and lunch mate had the same choice as me and we both enjoyed it along with some iced tea and coffee.  The ride back was relaxing.  All in all it was a great day….

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