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Nov '10

Frank Parsons Rocks the House

Today’s performance by the Frank Parsons Big Band was awesome in every way.  The fantastic humor of Fred Nunes had us chuckling with his kooky antics and silly jokes that most of us enjoy.  He can blow his trumpet like a teenager as far as breath goes , but the sound is that of an accomplished player of many years.  It appears to me that everyone in the band plays their heart out as we hear their expertise and view their good spirits.  Today’s program highlighted the music of the infamous Duke Ellingtons orchestra.  It is hard to fathom that after seventy odd years,  we are still enjoying the wonderful songs and compositions of his time.

My personal thanks goes to Frank Parsons for bringing us this talent from October through May and on the second Wednesday of the month.  For me this is my fifth year being a season ticket holder and I so look forward to the shows.  It amazes me that I remember words to songs that I was way too young to appreciate at the time, but the melody is in my head.

But I need not forget my ultimate thanks to Charlie and Marie Skelton for all of their hard work and dedication to bringing us only the best.   They sure have won over Ms Millie, I adore them both.

So for all of you out there reading this post I hope you will buy a ticket and see a magnificent band play their hearts out.  A million dollar performance for pennies!

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