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Jul '09

Picking Colors

My upbeat mood and exercise routine has expanded to my home decor and I have decided that white walls in the living and dining area are not projecting my persona.  I mentioned my dilemma to Anne Lubner  a friend who has her own Window Design business as well as a interior decorating license.  Anne offered her services,  for a discounted price and gave me advice on how to change the walls to coordinate with my furnishings.

We came up with a palette of colors for the walls and a color for the trim and also the name of her highly recommend painter.  I met Mr. White last week and  he impressed me with his professionalism and his honest estimate.

He will be starting his painting next week and Ann has promised to take before and after photos.  Shooting Star and Mayonnaise are the names of two of the colors.  I am so excited and I feel the transformation will be a true reflection of my personality.  Ann will also move my wall art around to show off its best view.  A fun project to look forward to and all I have to do is move stuff around…….

2 comments to “Picking Colors”

  1. Walk Says:

    “Shooting Star” does sound like it fits you. I always love repainting a room, it seems to change more than just the wall color.

  2. Gullible Says:

    “Mr. White” is bringing color to your life? How delightfully ironic!