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Aug '09

My Friend and Decorator

Today, I would like to introduce you to the person responsible for the “dynamic” change in my villa.  Her name is Anne and we first met last year when she and her husband Charles joined Fusion Fit Club where I do my Yoga and  Pilate’s  and other exercises.  One day back in April, Anne mentioned she would be missing class as she had won a first place award in an international design competition and would be going to Atlanta to receive her award as well as take design seminars.

Change from Drab-Grey White Wall

Change from Drab-Grey White Wall

Her design was selected to be on the front cover of their magazine.  Needless to say I was not only impressed but flattered by her presence and knowledge, so I approached Anne and asked if she would come to my villa and give me ideas for using the furnishings and paintings I had on hand.  In addition, I wanted to add life to the drab grey-white walls that did nothing for the room or the furniture and definitely nothing for my frame of mind. My question to her, was she affordable?  Yes, she would work within my budget, so without further ado, we set up a  meeting time (See previous posts and photos )

During our initial consultation, Anne showed me several color options for each room, and explained how each color would create a certain mood or effect. She answered my questions about accent colors and worked with my existing furnishings to make sure all the colors would flow throughout my villa.  She made choosing my colors an easy and fun process.

I then met with Blake, the painter Anne had recommended, and was immediately impressed.  So I had Blake paint my entire villa in the colors that Anne and I had selected.  Once Blake completed the painting, Anne magically re-decorated my villa with an artistic eye, using my existing furniture and accessories.   She created elegance and mystique and yet a feeling of warmth and comfort.  I will gladly recommend Anne Lubner of Anne Lubner Designs to anyone who might be in search of a decorator with an imaginative eye for color and balance.  Here is a link to learn more about Anne…..Enjoy!


2 comments to “My Friend and Decorator”

  1. Renee Hanlon Says:

    It’s amazing how a change in color can really boost the mood. I’m glad you had such success. Come visit my hub on painting for effect. I would love to get your opinion.

  2. Ms Millie Says:

    Each time I walk into my rooms I utter “I love it”. I welcome your invite and look forward to receiving your link.