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Mar '11

The Super Moon

Did you all get a chance to see this phenomenon last evening?  It seemed to have a smile and eyes and so close.  I almost felt if I were way tall and had an extension ladder, I could touch it.

According to the newscasters it has been almost twenty years since the last “Super Moon”, so  I am little  curious if this is the normal pattern and perhaps I will get another chance in my lifetime to view it.  Just think by then I will be 94 years young and still writing my blog!

Gee, that is an awesome wish on may part- but they say if you dream it ,  it will happen.

On that same positive note,  tomorrow brings the first day of Spring along with its nice temperatures and sunny skies.  And with just enough rain to start the flowers growing and the greening of the grass, this will be a great time for those of you who have suffered a cold snowy winter.  Enjoy.

Till the next time, have a great Monday and a fun week too.

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