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Aug '10

Rainy Weekend

The sun has hardly shone the past few days as the skies darken and the loud booms sound from the distance,  followed by huge lightning bolts.  As you might have heard or read, Florida is the lightening state and it is frightening to see how close the lightening bolts appear right outside your windows and doors.  There are times when the rain is so heavy  it almost appears to be raining on a slant.   I much prefer being indoors and not out on the roads driving as the visibility can be non-existent.

Once it stops, the sun will peek through and the skies will be a pretty blue again, but not this weekend.

The best feature of this weather is that I get to relax and read and perhaps catch up on some put aside chore.  Have a great weekend wherever you might be and don’t forget to share a smile or two especially if the sun is shining where you are.

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