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Oct '08

Yesterday’s Happy Moments

I should have worn my sun hat as the temperature was in the high 80’s,  but it didn’t seem to phase the children, as they filled their Styrofoam cups with dirt.  They emptied the cups into the planters on the ground.   I made indentations for each seed to be placed and one by one they picked their spot.  We covered it all up and took turns with the watering can and drizzled water throughout.  When we will see a string bean and how long before we see leaves?   Not sure of how long – I opted for a wait and see approach.  Hopefully, there would be a sign of growth appearing soon. As we walked back into the classroom to clean our smudgy hands, they had smiles on their faces.  Mrs. Merrily thanked me and I was on my way home with another happy “aha”  moment for my journal.

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